Killing is fun

26.02.2015 — 30.04.2015

Volker Reiche - Although known to many people as the creator of the "Strizz", very few know Reiche’s painted oeuvre. His works are characterized by social critique, they make us realize the fear of the unknown, delusions, racism, religious fanaticism or other forms of self-destruction. The fictional reality Reiche creates in his paintings evoke memories of recent events such as recently in France as well as they remind us of our own demons and devils.

We believe that humans' cognitive abilities to perceive its environment and its ability to reflect makes us act oriented by reason. In the paintings of Volker Reiche we are confronted with exactly this question: What is actually the proportion of reason, existing in the people, how willingly do people let irrationality gain the upper hand? The pictorial world that Reiche forms confront us with the human abyss into which obviously people keep on throwing themselves happily.

A book published by the Edition Faust with texts by Andreas Platthaus, Dietmar Dath and Friedrich Weltzien accompanies the exhibition.