Art Virus Ltd. is an art trading company based in London. It has set itself the goal of helping artists achieve the attention they deserve on the international art scene.

Art lives from being developed further. An essential part of this development refers to the dialectics between quoting that which already exists and the emergence of new ideas. When mediating art we often come across a world whose view needs to be sensitised to an inner understanding of that which is being displayed. The public museums were and still are today frequently no longer in a position to purchase and display current contemporary positions for their collections as a result of budget cuts. By contrast a multitude of private museums and collections have come into being in the last 20 years in which new, young positions from contemporary art can be seen. Important examples of this are François Pinault, Saatchi Gallery along with the special Hoppe-Ritter collection on geometric objects.


Following this tradition, Art Virus Ltd. Presents and secures current and contemporary works of art and influences the current comprehension of art. When selecting works we focus our attention on the quality of the works displayed, showing an underlying profound, content-related, art-historical and analytical dialogue with the respective art position.


Art Virus Ltd. sees itself as a bridge builder between artists and those interested in art and literature. It offers a forum intended to promote exchange and creative development. It is about far more than a pure commercial gallery concept. Art should not only be sold; we consider it just as important to promote art, to make a platform available and to make interesting contemporary positions accessible to the public.