"Pandora's Box"

14.11.2010 — 14.12.2010

Natascha Mann

As the focal point of the exhibition were paradisiacal paintings by the Würzburg artist and graphic designer Natascha Mann. In their serenity and virtuosity they represent a highlight in the richly expressive work of this artist. Full of temperament is the interplay between colours, lines, surfaces and shapes – pictorial compositions which, integrating shapes, lines and surfaces, remind one of musical rhythms in terms of their organising principles.

The graphic designs are also distinguished by balanced compositions that unite many a virtuoso line and area of shadow, as is the case with cycle of etchings “Pandora’s Box”, which lends its name to the exhibition and features erotic motifs characterised by wildness and variety. Each leaf appears itself to be a “Pandora’s Box” – the untamed wildness of Natascha Mann’s breaks out here time and again just as does the wildness of human vice in the mythological box.