The inner form and dramaturgy of life - Sculptures of Immanuel Kraus in garden and house

06.12.2012 — 02.04.2013

Immanuel Kraus

Immanuel Kraus uses the wood of dead trees: witnesses of time to whom he gives a second life by having them transferred to mighty, powerful sculptures. This transformation is done with the brutal instrument of the chainsaw. The resulting so-called "stem works" (made from one piece of wood) are varied in appearance as in their processing. Graceful in their appearance are Immanuel Kraus’ bronzes. Their soft, flowing shapes combined to organic bodies, which make room for the viewer's own interpretation. For his bronze works "Goethe and Schiller" 2007 Immanuel Kraus received the gold medal of the 11th Open art prize of the Jean Gebser Academy of Fine Arts. The following year he received the silver medal.