Images of a movement, which shouldn't be one. Occupy Wall Street New York-Frankfurt a.M.

15.03.2012 — 15.04.2012

Ashkan Sahihi, Bernd Kammerer

Photographs by Ashkan Sahihi, New York and Bernd Kammerer, Frankfurt
"Speechless are those who otherwise have something to say about everything. No party, no attitude here, you can lay the blame. Occupy Wall Street is not to take ideologically. Perhaps that is why this movement is taken very seriously. Since, obviously, something new begins, which combines with fear and hope, and it starts with art and legality. "(Bernd Leukert, Faust Cultural). The gallery shows photographs of New York-based Iranian Ashkan Sahihi, known for his unsparing portraits, and Frankfurt's reportage, fashion and people photographer Bernd Kammerer.