Kind of Blue

07.05.2015 — 10.07.2015

Andrea Grosso Ciponte

Ciponte, who grew up in Catanzaro, the capital of Calabria in southern Italy, knows a reality of life, whose hardness and abysses lead to an immediacy in his painting; a complex potpourri of emotions that lend his brilliant though often not cheerful stories painterly expression.

Ciponte designs his pictures alla prima in one session, to capture and maintain the energy that surrounds his motives. His motives similar to Richter or Polke are often based on digital media, whose omnipresence the self-confessed cinephile is very aware of. Ciponte plays with the quote and alienates it. He loves to make himself the object of his images both as a reflection of his own situation and on the other hand it frees him, as he says, from the obligation to beauty.

This is the characteristic feature of the work of Ciponte: the content and form of reflection of the "digital soul" of our imagery, with the simultaneous primacy of painting. He is a builder of bridges between the worlds of film, comic, computer animation and picturesque expression who does not only carefully study the specifics of these media, but also evolves them. Martin Henatsch

Besides painting Andrea Grosso Ciponte works currently on a unique Dust-Novel series, consisting of carefully selected texts of world literature that have lost none of their literary timeliness and quality being available in the Edition Faust.