Book Presentation Graphic Novels

10.10.2014 — 10.10.2014

Book presentation Graphic Novels

10.10.2014 — 10.10.2014



Graphic Novel after E.T.A. Hoffmanns »Sandmann«, adapted by Dacia Palmerino and drawn by Andrea Grosso Ciponte.


E.T.A. Hoffmann’s evil nocturne »Der Sandmann« is an almost 200 years old success story. The ingenious author of the Romanticism, lets a human become crazy, thinking a machine, called Olimpia, is a human being: a reversal of the Enlightenment, which crossed the red line with „Humans being machines“.


Andrea Grosso Ciponte Dacia Palmerinos visualizes the adaption of the popular classic, by making expressive scenes.


Who is this coarse Coppelius? And why does the physics professor Spalanzani want to introduce his stiff daughter Olimpia to society? E.T.A. Hoffmann didn’t expose all of „Sandmann’s“ secrets. But Andrea Grosso Ciponte makes them visible.


Publishing house: Edition Faust

Format 225 x 315 mm

56 pages, colored, bound with

thread binding

€ 20, –

ISBN 978-3-945400-03-6






Graphic Novel after Schiller’s »Geisterseher«, adapted by Dacia Palmerino and drawn by Andrea Grosso Ciponte


Friedrich Schiller’s adventurous story »Der Geisterseher« is set in Venice and is as contorted and mazy as the alleys of the lagoon city. The classic dramatist shows us in reports and letters, that the familiar and social life in noble circles decomposes due to illusionists and conjurer deception, self-deception and distrust. Andrea Grosso Ciponte’s expressive sequence of pictures directed by the script by Dacia Palmerino turns the enlightened ghost story into huge cinema.


How come that the Armenian knew about the hour of death, in advance? Is it possible that the deceased is still alive? With his drastic disenchantment Schiller lets us know, that not everything is the way it seems. Nevertheless, he sets a tendentious suprise aside for the end. Andrea Ciponte’s graphic novel shows us another side of the story.



Format 225 x 315 mm

64 pages, colored, bound

with threadbinding

€ 20, –

ISBN 978-3-945400-04-3